Why Isn’t My Website Ranking?

There are various reasons which can restrict your website to acquire higher ranks in Google searches. So, here we list 4 of them read on.

  • Keyword plan

While writing the content just essential to comprehend what actually the user is searching for and the keywords which they are utilizing. Making use of technical terminology, product figured or your personal terms will not help you in fetching traffic. To make a keyword plan you need to follow the following:

  • Ascertain what users are looking for.
  • Comprehend weather you are offering similar goods and services.
  • Whether there is a good blend of general and popular keywords associated with the goods and services you offer.

Prior to doing anything, you need to develop a keyword plan. Keywords will support you in understanding the needs of your clients and will make a layout for the future.

  • Keyword stuffing or no keywords
    Precisely, developing websites to comprehend the ways to utilize keywords. All the now ranking websites have one thing in common either they use too many keywords or don’t use any.

You need not represent the same keywords on every page of your website. Develop content which offers data on topics and matters closely associated with the doings of your company this will support the users to figure out relevant information on your website and will enhance your position on search engine.

  • Thin content

Search engine, pay attention to offering people looking for content with the best possible outcomes and position your website depending on the proportion of keywords which matches with the words searched for.

Search engines do not pay attention to the needs of the website owner while assigning ranks.


After you precisely and appropriately draft your content with ideal protection am the type of keywords or phrases, you need to optimize your meta tags. By default, most of the title tags should have the name of the place along with the brand name.

Pay attention in the meta descriptions as well. However, these may not directly enable you to fetch high positions in search engine results but this is essential after you acquire a rank for your page.

The meta description is like an advertisement for your page which influences people to check your listings over other outcomes.

If you do not develop meta descriptions, Google will randomly take some content from your page, which will be seen as the initial sentence of your page.

Take control of your website and draft meta description precisely.

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